D.B. Aqua Self ligating brackets

• Round hook: Maximum patient comfort and safe sealing of elastics
• Base: Anatomical base curvature for a perfect adaptation to the tooth surface which minimizes the amount of compound employed, ensuring a perfect seal
• Wings: Large undercut to seal ligatures and accessories
• Beveled slot: rounded mesial-distal edges to avoid notching and minimize binding
• Design of anterior edge: with 3 keeper notches which permit a correct central closure for maximum stability during treatment
• Clip in nickel-titanium: large as the mesio-distal slot width, facilitates the insertion of archwires thus giving the highest biomechanical control
• Open/close: Reliability of Nickel Titanium Alloy Doors Guaranteed
• Biomechanical dynamic control: The special shape of the clip and the gradual interaction with the wire permit the calibration of friction in the different stages of treatment