Calibra bands

Calibra® anatomical bands

Made of hard heat-treated stainless steel

•  Graduated thickness by variation in tooth size
•  Inner surface rough finish for maximum stability and increased retention
•  Anatomically correct wide range of sizes
•  Laser-marking of sizes it allows the sterilization at high temperatures and a durable good view of sizing

Upper and lower bicuspids

Available in 32 sizes either for maxillary or mandibular arch, with LASER etched identification number. Their anatomical shape with contoured edges is designed for use either right or left. Thickness of 0,15mm and optional seating lug. The hard temper and a rough inner surface finish considerably improve cement retention.

Free prewelding service custom prewelding service to any tube, bracket or accessory with item code G. Ready delivery of standard prewelded bands for the most commonly used techniques.